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Special Sessions at HAD Meetings

Special Sessions at HAD Meetings

January 2023

Got Stuff? How We Deal with Possible Astronomical Heritage Material

June 2022

A New Observatory Is Coming to Your Neighborhood (Interactive Activity)

Centennial of an Eclipse: The 1922 Expedition that Clinched the Case for General Relativity

January 2021

Virtual meeting; no special sessions

January 2020

Centennial of Eddington's Solar-Eclipse Tests of Einstein's General Relativity

IAU-100: Celebrating One Hundred Years of Astronomy

The Bicentennial of the Royal Astronomical Society

January 2019

The Spitzer Observatory: The evolution of a space mission from initial idea, through years of competition and debate, followed by arduous solution of technical problems before launch and the acquisition of novel astronomical data

January 2018

The Future of Astronomy's Archived Observations –An Open Discussion

January 2017

Presentation of the Osterbrock Prize and memorial to Prof. Donald Osterbrock

Infrared Astronomy from Above the Atmosphere

January 2016

A Celebration of the Centenary of Einstein's General Relativity

January 2015

The Impact of the Great War on Astronomy and Other Sciences

Ideas of Evolution Inside and Outside of Astronomy during the Long 19th Century

Preserving the Material Legacy of the American Observatory Movement

June 2014

History of Solar Physics

January 2014

Origin of Structure and the Expanding Universe

From Barnard's Star to the Kepler Mission: Searching for Low Mass Companions to Stars

January 2013

Making Astronomy Public

Preservation of Astronomical Heritage and Archival Data

Fifty Years of Celestial X-ray Astronomy [with HEAD]

January 2012

Transits of Venus: Looking Forward, Looking Back

Funding Astronomy in the Post-World War II Era

May 2011

Women in the History of Variable Star Astronomy

Variable Star Astronomy in Theory and Practice

January 2011

The Astronomical Contributions of the Herschel Family

Neptune after One Orbit: Reflections on the Discovery of a Planet

January 2010

The First Century of Astronomical Spectroscopy

January 2009

History of the Telescope

Photometry: Past and Present

Photometry: Past and Present (continued)

January 2008

The International Geophysical Year and the Dawn of Space-Based Astronomy

Astronomy at the Time of Jamestown and its Role in the Exploration of America

January 2007

Special Session

Case Studies in How 20th Century Observatory Directors Got Chosen

January 2006

Preservation of Historical Archives

History of Space Science

January 2005

Centennial Celebration of Mount Wilson Observatory

January 2004

Transit of Venus

January 2003

Special Topics in the History of Astronomy

January 2002

New Views of Historical Research in the 21st Century

Some Controversies in the History of Astronomy

January 2001

Boners of the Century

January 2000

The Papers of the Century

June 1998

Special Palomar Session