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Needed AAS Member Obituaries

Last Updated: 1 February 2023

The AAS/HAD Obituary Committee is responsible for commissioning and compiling obituaries for deceased members of the Society. These obituaries are published in the Bulletin of the AAS as a tribute and for the benefit of future historians of science. The committee depends entirely on our astronomical colleagues, including astronomy-department and observatory administrators, who knew the deceased, for help writing obituaries. Currently there are a number of recently and not-so-recently deceased AAS members for whom we lack written obituaries. Please take a moment to review the list of names, and contact Crystal Tinch ( if you’d be willing to write an obituary for a former colleague and member. Thank you!

Robert Chapman
Thomas Corbin
Steve Criswell
Upendra Desai
John Donaldson
George A. Dulk
Kenneth Frost
Peter Gierasch
Ronald Greeley
Paul Guttman
Richard Hansen
Henry Horak
Edward Jackson
Hans Kennedy
Jack Kent
Arnold Klemola
John Lawrence
Thomas Margrave
Michael Merilan
Michael Mishchennko
Romas Mitalas
Osamu Namba
Ronald Oliversen
Steven Ostro
Thomas Pauls
David Peregrine
Martin Pomerantz
Ronald Probst
Karl Rakos
Ichtiaque Rasool
James Rodman
Glenn Sandlin
Edward Schiffmacher
Richard Shorthill
Ernest Sternglass
Paul Tebbe
Robert Tooper
Leisa Townsley
Edward Upton
Michael Van Steenberg
John Wood III
Harold Zapolsky
Martin Zombeck