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This Month in Astronomical History

Drawing by Jason E. Ybarra

Each month, as part of a series started in July 2016, the Historical Astronomy Division highlights a significant discovery, birth of a noted astronomer, memorable astronomical event, or important research paper in the history of astronomy. These articles appear in the twice-monthly AAS News Digest, which is sent to the AAS membership, and are archived on the Historical Astronomy Division’s website, as listed below. A similar resouce for physics, This Month in Physics History, may be found on the website of the American Physical Society.

The Historical Astronomy Division is always looking for enthusiastic individuals who wish to contribute to the This Month in Astronomical History column. If you are interested, please review our author guidelines and e-mail your idea to us at

The current Editor is Michael E. Marotta (AAS Amateur Affiliate).

We thank our previous editors: Teresa Wilson (who founded this feature in July 2016) and Jason E. Ybarra.

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