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About HAD

"The Division shall exist for the purpose of advancing interest in topics relating to the historical nature of astronomy. By historical astronomy we include the history of astronomy; what has come to be known as archaeoastronomy; and the application of historical records to modern astrophysical problems. Meetings shall be organized to promote adequate discussion among participants and shall attempt to provide a forum for discussion of recent developments in these areas.

AAS Obituary Index

Prepared by the Historical Astronomy Division of the American Astronomical Society, with many thanks to Crystal Tinch of the AAS. All were published originally in the Bulletin of the American Astronomical Society (BAAS). They are written under the auspices of the AAS Obituary Committee, which is chaired by the Vice-Chair of HAD.

Currently there are a number of recently and not-so-recently deceased AAS members for whom we lack written obituaries. Please take a moment to review the list of names, and contact Crystal Tinch if you would be willing to write an obituary for a former colleague and member.