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Other Organizations in History of Astronomy

  • American Physical Society Forum on the History of Physics
    The Forum on the History of Physics, a member unit of the American Physical Society, was founded in 1980 to bring together physicists, historians, and other members of APS with an interest in the history of their subject and the impact of that history on culture, education, and physics research itself.
  • Antique Telescope Society
    The Antique Telescope Society, Inc. is organized and operated exclusively for educational and/or scientific purposes. The purpose of the Society is to unite colleagues interested in antique telescopes, binoculars instruments, books, atlases and related items, and to promote the membership's interests in astronomical history and discovery, the history of optics, and the preservation and use of the antique instruments through stewardship and education.
  • Biennial History of Astronomy Workshops at the University of Notre Dame
    While not formally an organization, this group holds conferences during the summer of every odd-numbered year.
  • British Society for the History of Science
    The main organisation in the British Isles working to bring together people with an interest in the histories of science, technology, and medicine and their changing relationship with society.
  • History of Science Society
    The History of Science Society is the world's largest society dedicated to understanding science, technology, medicine, and their interactions with society in historical context.
  • Inter-Union Commission on the History of Astronomy
    The Inter-Union Commission on the History of Astronomy is a joint Commission of the IAU and the International Union of the History and Philosophy of Science, Division of Science and Technology (IUHPS/DHST). The ICHA was founded in 2001 in order to create a Commission that involves and represents all historians of astronomy — including scholars who, being primarily historians rather than astronomers, are not members of the IAU. All members of C41 are, ipso facto, members of the ICHA.
  • ISAAC, the International Society for Archaeoastronomy and Astronomy in Culture
    A professional organization established in 1996 to promote the academic development of archaeoastronomy, including ethnoastronomy.
  • SEAC, the European Society for Astronomy in Culture
    A professional association of scientists working in the field of Astronomy in Culture or Anthropological Astronomy, including the interdisciplinary disciplines of Archaeoastronomy and Ethnoastronomy.
  • Society for the History of Astronomy
    Founded in 2002 as the UK's national society dedicated to the history of astronomy.

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