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History of the American Astronomical Society

This history was a project of the Historical Astronomy Division of the American Astronomical Society and was kindly sponsored by the Society in preparation for its Centennial Year in 1999. The project was developed by Brant L. Sponberg and David H. DeVorkin, and formed the basis for many of the articles and essays in DeVorkin, D., ed., The American Astronomical Society's First Century (AIP: AAS, 1999).

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  1. The Origin of the AAS
  2. How did the AAS get its name?
  3. Policies and Practice in the Early AAS
  4. Committees and Projects in the Early Society
  5. Amateurs in the Early AAS
  6. Earlier American Astronomical Societies
  7. Early AAS Meetings
  8. Bibliography (contains all references cited in the essays)
  9. Astronomy Education and the American Astronomical Society (written by Andrew Fraknoi and Donat Wentzel for the AAS centennial volume)