The LeRoy E. Doggett Prize for Historical Astronomy

LeRoy E. Doggett
LeRoy Elsworth Doggett, 1941-1996

The Historical Astronomy Division awards the LeRoy E. Doggett Prize biennially to an individual who has significantly influenced the field of the history of astronomy by a career-long effort.

The award is made in even-numbered years, with the deadline for nomination 1 March of the preceding year. Thus the deadline to nominate a candidate for the 2018 prize will be 1 March 2017. Any member of the Historical Astronomy Division may nominate a candidate.

The prize is a memorial to LeRoy Doggett, who was an active and highly-regarded member of the Division and was serving as Secretary-Treasurer at the time of his untimely death. An expert in calendars, archaeoastronomy, and planetary theory, Doggett worked at the U.S. Nautical Almanac Office from 1965–96 and headed it from 1991–96.

Obituary of LeRoy Doggett by John B. Carlson
Bulletin of the American Astronomical Society 28, no. 4, 1450-1451


1998 Curtis Wilson
2000 Owen Gingerich
2002 Donald E. Osterbrock
2004 Michael Hoskin
2006 Steven J. Dick
2008 David H. DeVorkin
2010 Michael J. Crowe
2012 Woodruff T. Sullivan, III
2014 F. Richard Stephenson
2016 Albert van Helden

Rules for the Doggett Prize

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